ACADEMIC publications

Skepticism's Pictures: Figuring Descartes's Natural Philosophy  (book manuscript in progress)

"The Picture Multiple: Figuring, Knowing in Descartes's Essais (1637)," Journal of the History of Ideas 78:3 (2017), 369-299. 

"Cut, Copy, and English Anatomy: Thomas Geminus and the Reordering of Vesalius's Canonical Body," The Illustrated Body, ed. Massimo Ciaviolli and Rinaldo Canalis (Turnout: Brepols/UCLA Center for Renaissance and Medieval Studies). Forthcoming) 

"Ideal Pathologies: Jean-Marc Bourgery's Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme (1831-1854)," Building Discourse (Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning.) Forthcoming.

"The Wounded Ideal Goes Anatomical," Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, ed. Michael Sappol (New York: Blast Books, 2012): PAGE NUMBERS. 

"Waiting to Exhale: John Hutchinson's Spirometer," threshholds 36 (Spring 2010). 

"Recasting the Castor: From The Book of Beasts to Albertus Magnus's On Animals," thresholds 35 (Spring 2009). 

Review of British Journal for the History of Science 48:4 (2015): 722-724. 

Catalogue entries for Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge, ed. Susan Dackerman (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2011)"3. Jan Saenredam, Beached Whale near Beverwijk, 1602"; "96. Philip Galle after Pieter Bruegel I, The Alchemist, 1558"; "99. Cornelis Cort, The Five Senses, 1561."  

cultural observation & 
art criticism

"Arts of the Actionable Diagram," in Women's Center for Creative Work, A Feminist Organization's Handbook (2017), 26-36. 

"Consequences of the Frame," California Review of Images of Mark Zuckerberg (Winter 2017).  

LA Weekly: "Reading the Signs" || "We Can Dance if We Want To"  || "The Ankylosaurian Tourist" || "Flip" || "Best Garden Anti-Gnomes" ||  "Best Dispatches from Captain's Quarters"

Marky.com (now archived): "This mermaid was more famous than Ariel... but not nearly as pretty" ||  "These artists threw legendary parties at Al's Grand Hotel"  ||  "Come together right now over food" || "Face to face with the devil himself"  ||  "The real stairway to heaven"

"Deep Sympathies" - an essay on the fantastic work of artist Christine Nguyen for an upcoming catalog.

Plus reviews for FlashArt International and Contemporary Magazine (now defunct); and listings for Flavorpill.


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